Sending disabled veterans as well as dependents of fallen veterans out on the water to provide physical, mental, and emotional therapy for a variety of injuries and illness. Boating can be used as a resource in coping with the long term effects of PTSD, brain injury, amputation, paralysis, nerve damage or loss of a family member. Fun, and relaxing for coalition members to delve into their inner most natural abilities of teamwork and the need for challenge.

TidalFlow Coalition is a project of the USMMA Sailing Foundation, a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that focuses  efforts on providing US Armed Forces Disabled Veterans with nautical maritime training and rehabiltiation. The purpose of training is to empower individuals to become professional, and even recreational, boat captains and/or guides in the water tourism industry. Through job development training and asset procurement, TidalFlow Coalition members develop skills and techniques in disciplines such as: fishing, diving, boating, and other water tourism centered activities.

TidalFlow Coalition Project provides VA vocational rehab training which enables a member to obtain required boating hours as well as on the job development skills--as specified by the US Coast Guard (USCG)--to hold an Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel License (OUPV), also known as a Six-Pack License.

Before a coalition member can apply for an OUPV License, the USCG requires that he/she must log three hundred and sixty days on the water, ninety of which must be spent past the demarcation line to qualify for an OUPV Near Coastal License. The OUPV Near Coastal License enables coalition members to take up to six paying customers a maximum of one hundred miles off shore. TidalFlow Coalition Project collaborates and partners with Warrior Sailing to provide rehabilitation and maritime educational programs so that an individual can use skills learned to cope with service related injuries and/or job development requirments. TidalFlow Coalition is funded through corporate partnerships and donation related activities which includes, but is not limited to, receiving water crafts for member training purposes.